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People's satisfaction with the environment

Why we monitor people's satisfaction with the environment

Waikato Regional Council needs to understand the levels of satisfaction people have towards their local environment. This will guide us in setting goals and planning environmental education programmes to fill information gaps.

This indicator monitors people’s levels of satisfaction with their local environment at the regional, territorial authority, urban and rural levels. 

What’s happening?

In 2019 on average people’s level of satisfaction with their environment was 5.7 out of 10, where 10 is perfect in every way. This is the lowest average since monitoring began. In 2016 it was 6.6. In 2013 the average was 6.47, similar to the scores of 6.5 in 1998, 6.42 in 2000, 6.32 in 2003 and 6.28 in 2006.

In April to May 2019, 1250 people throughout the region responded to a survey and interviews where many told us what their levels of satisfaction were with their local environments. This was a repeat of a survey we ran in June 1998, October 2000, September-October 2003, September-October 2006, January-March 2013, and April-May 2016 when we surveyed 1037, 1873, 1822, 1003, 1005 and 1250 people respectively. 

More information

When this indicator is updated

This indicator is updated every three years. The next update is due in 2022.

Contact at Waikato Regional Council

Social Scientist - Science and Strategy Directorate



Updated 27 June 2019