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Population growth

Why we monitor population growth

Knowing where our region's population is increasing or declining, and by how much, helps us understand the pressures on our natural environment. These pressures include the need for access to resources such as water and roads, which in turn affects local employment opportunities.
Under use of existing infrastructure in some areas and over-demand in others leads to environmental inefficiency.

This indicator monitors the number of people in our region and the growth of our region's population over five year periods. The indicator also sets out this information at district level.

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What's happening?

There were 403,636 people usually resident in the Waikato region as at the 2013 census. This is an increase of 22,815 (6 per cent) since the 2006 census.

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    When this indicator is updated

    The indicator is updated every five years. The next update is due in 2019 using results from the 2018 Census.

    Contact at Waikato Regional Council

    Social Scientist - Science and Strategy Directorate


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