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Natural hazards awareness and readiness

Why we monitor natural hazards awareness and readiness

Waikato Regional Council has responsibilities for natural hazard management under the Resource Management Act 1991, Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Act 1941, the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 and the Building Act 2004.
Waikato Regional Council seeks to minimise the adverse effects caused by natural hazards. We also want to increase the awareness and resilience of communities to the potential effects of natural hazard events.

This indicator monitors:

  • How aware people are of the natural hazards which might damage them and their property.
  • How prepared people are for natural hazards events.

Photograph of the Waikato River in flood

What's happening?

In our 2006 survey, 76 per cent of the people living in the Waikato region could name at least one natural hazard in their area that could damage them or their property. This is lower than in 2000 when 81 per cent could name at least one hazard but an improvement from 2003, when only 69 per cent could name one or more natural hazards, and 1998, when only 57 per cent of people could name one or more natural hazards.

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