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You can order any of these documents from our library. Most documents will incur a charge.
Waikato Regional Council. 1999: Coastal Erosion Risk Mitigation Strategy for the Waikato Region. Policy Series 1999/03. 20p.
Waikato Regional Council. 1997: Proposed Regional Coastal Plan (revised as per council decisions, August 1997).

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Coastal recreational water quality - Waikato Regional Council: Waikato Regional Council monitors a number of popular open coast beaches during the summer months to assess the suitability of the water for recreation such as swimming and surfing. We monitor these beaches weekly from November to March and the results are presented on this page.

Waikato's coastline - Waikato Regional Council: Learn more about all the values of the Waikato region's coast and the many pressures influencing it.

Beachcare - Waikato Regional Council: Beachcare groups are involved in caring for beaches around the region. They are partnerships between the local community, iwi, district councils and Waikato Regional Council, working together to protect and restore our precious beaches. 

Resources for teachers - Waikato Regional Council: Waikato Regional Council has a range of resources available for teachers in the Waikato region. We provide curriculum linked classroom units, information about our natural environment, and workshops for professional development.

Coastal Publications - Waikato Regional Council: Take a look at our general coastal publications and technical reports.

Marine Environmental Indicators - Statistics New Zealand: Find out about the state of our marine environment, the pressures that contribute to this state, and the impact it has on us.

Planning for Climate Change Effects on Coastal Margins - Ministry for the Environment: A report prepared for the Ministry for the Environment as part of the New Zealand Climate Change Programme on planning for climate change effects on coastal margins.