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Felsing, M. and Giles, H. 2011: Tairua Estuary shellfish and benthic habitat mapping and assessment of sediment contamination (2009/10).Waikato Regional Council Technical Report 2011/31, Waikato Regional Council, Hamilton.

Kim, N. 2007: Trace Elements in Sediments of the Lower Eastern Coast of the Firth of Thames. Environment Waikato Technical Report 2007/08, Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Rumsby, A. 2009: Trace Elements in the Sediment of Waikato West Coast Estuaries. Environment Waikato Technical Report 2009/08, prepared by Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd for Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Turner, S. 2000: Proposed Coastal Ecological Monitoring Programme for Environment Waikato. Environment Waikato Internal Series 2000/08, Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Turner, S. 2001: Monitoring the Region's Estuaries - Intertidal Sand-Flat Benthic Communities. Environment Waikato Internal Series 2000/11, Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Turner, S. and Carter, N. 2004: Regional Estuary Monitoring Programme: Benthic Macrofauna Communities - April 2001 to April 2002: Southern Firth of Thames and Whaingaroa (Raglan) Harbour. Environment Waikato Technical Report 2004/08, Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Turner, S. and Vant, B. 2000: Coastal Water Quality - Future Directions for the Waikato Region. Environment Waikato Internal Series 2000/10, Environment Waikato, Hamilton.

Additional documents/reports supporting this indicator

Hume, T. M. and Dahm, J. 1992: An Investigation of the Effects of Polynesian and European Land Use on Sedimentation in Coromandel Estuaries. Consultancy Report No. 6104, Department of Conservation (Waikato Conservancy), Hamilton.

Ministry for the Environment. 2001: Environmental Performance Indicators: Confirmed Indicators for the Marine Environment. Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.

Scobie, S.; Buckland, S.J.; Ellis, H.K. and Salter, R.T. 1999: Organochlorines in New Zealand: Ambient Concentrations of Selected Organochlorines in Estuaries. Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.

Williamson, B. 1999: Broad-scale Assessment of Urban Stormwater Issues in the Waikato Region. NIWA Client Report: EVW90213.

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