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 How healthy are our estuaries? - Waikato Regional Council:  Waikato Regional Council operates a modest monitoring programme to determine the condition or state of the water in the region’s estuaries.  Over the past 10 years, water quality has been studied in a total of six of the region’s estuaries.

Coastal recreational water quality - Waikato Regional Council: Waikato Regional Council monitors a number of popular open coast beaches during the summer months to assess the suitability of the water for recreation such as swimming and surfing. We monitor these beaches weekly from November to March and the results are presented on this page.

Coastal water quality for swimming - Waikato Regional Council: Coastal water quality for swimming in the Waikato region is usually satisfactory or better. Often, our water quality is excellent. Some beaches occasionally experience high bacteria levels. See the results on this page.

Oceans - Ministry for the Environment: This is one in a series of information sheets providing a snapshot of the data in Environment New Zealand 2007, the second national-level state of New Zealand’s environment report. Each information sheet also provides tips about what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.