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Open coast beaches - Waikato Regional Council: Open coast beaches are exposed to constant wave action and sand is constantly moving within the dynamic beach and dune system. Open coast animals are especially adapted to live in these conditions.

Estuaries - Waikato Regional Council: Estuaries are among our most sensitive coastal places. Home to a wide range of plants and animals (such as birds, fish and shellfish) they are of enormous environmental and economic importance. Improved catchment management will help to protect our estuaries.

Natural character - Waikato Regional Council: The natural qualities of our coastal environment are called natural character. We need to balance our activities in coastal areas with the protection of natural character.

Resources for teachers - Waikato Regional Council: Waikato Regional Council has a range of resources available for teachers in the Waikato region. We provide curriculum linked classroom units, information about our natural environment, and workshops for professional development.

Coastal Publications - Waikato Regional Council: Take a look at our general coastal publications and technical reports.

Marine Environmental Indicators - Statistics New Zealand: Find out about the state of our marine environment, the pressures that contribute to this state, and the impact it has on us.

New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement - Department of Conservation: The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement guides local authorities in their day to day management of the coastal environment.