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Coasts: monitoring and reporting

Photo of child holding shellfish

Our coasts are national treasures, but they are threatened by loss of natural character and biodiversity, and degraded water and sediment quality.

Waikato Regional Council regularly monitors and reports on our region's coastal resources and how they are changing.

  • Our coastal indicators summarise the results of our science and monitoring programmes, and provide a holistic report on the state of the Waikato region's environment.
  • We regularly monitor coastal resources at a number of sites throughout the region. We have specific reporting on these sites, see below.
Header - Indicators

Coastal water and sediment quality

Coastal water quality for contact recreation
Pollutants in sediments
Estuarine water quality


Natural character and biodiversity

Coastal biology
Coastline ownership
Extent of coastal habitats
Protected coastal areas


Coastal hazards

Coastal developments at risk
Shoreline protection structures
Shoreline change