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Structure of the Plan

The proposed Waikato Regional Plan is set out in the following way:

Module 1 - Approaches to Resource Management

This module describes the purpose of the document, and the legislative framework within which it is being developed. The Module also contains the procedural aspects for cross-boundary issues, monitoring and review.

Module 2 - Matters of Significance to Maori

This module outlines the primary resource management issues of concern to Maori, as they are presently understood.

Modules 3 - 7

There are five resource-based modules in this Plan. These relate to water, river and lake beds, land and soil, air, and geothermal resources. Each resource-based module is comprised of a number of chapters. Each chapter relates to an issue or problem that Waikato Regional Council will be managing.

Each chapter within Modules 3 to 7 is structured in the following manner:

The Chapter Heading describes the general issues discussed in the chapter.

Background and Explanation gives a general overview of the issue, extent of the problem within the Region and a discussion of associated adverse effects and their causes. This focuses on environmental problems, not process or procedural problems.

The Issue statement is a concise summary of the themes in the background and explanation. The issue statement is a statement of concern or problem as it relates to an aspect of natural and physical resources or the management of those resources within the Region.

Objectives are statements of desired outcomes or end states in relation to the management of natural and physical resources.

Principal Reasons for Adopting the Objective explains and justifies the objective statement(s).

Policies are specific statements of the course of action (or type of intervention) which will be taken in order to achieve a stated objective.

Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting the Policy explains and justifies each policy.

Implementation Methods are methods, including rules, that are used to implement the objectives and policies.

Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting the Methods explains and justifies each implementation method.

Environmental Results Anticipated describes the environmental results anticipated as a result of managing the issue in accordance with the objective and policies discussed. Environmental results anticipated are the results or outcomes expected for the environment, which occur as a consequence of implementing a given policy or method.

Monitoring outlines the indicators and sources of information that may be used to monitor the objectives.

Module 8 - Information Requirements

This module addresses information requirements (for consent applications).


Defines the terms used throughout the text.


Maps are included in this plan on CD Rom for viewing. Maps are available to view at a scale of 1:50,000 at the Hamilton Office of Waikato Regional Council (401 Grey Street, Hamilton East).

Copies of the maps, at any scale, can be purchased on request from Waikato Regional Council.


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