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8.1.1 General Information Requirements for all Applications

Any application for a resource consent must, as a minimum, include the following:

  1. Name of the applicant and the name of the owner or occupier (if different from the applicant).
  2. The address of the applicant and owner or occupier.
  3. A description of the activity for which consent is sought, and its location.
  4. An assessment of any actual or potential effects (including cumulative effects), on the environment, and the way in which adverse effects may be mitigated (see Fourth Schedule of the RMA for matters which should be included).
  5. A statement specifying all other resource consents that the applicant may require from any consent authority in respect of the activity to which the application relates, and whether or not the applicant has applied for such consents.
  6. Where it is likely that any activity will result in any significant adverse effect on the environment, a description of any possible alternative locations or methods for undertaking the activity.
  7. A record of any consultation undertaken by the applicant and the level of any consultation undertaken with tangata whenua.
  8. the way in which any adverse effects will be avoided, remedied or mitigated.
  9. An indication of any actual or potential effects on neighbouring land owners, tangata whenua who are Kaitiaki, or special interest groups that are potentially adversely affected by the activity and an accurate representation of the views of those parties.

In addition, the following sections provide guidance as to the types of information that will be required relating to specific types of consent applications. It is recommended that resource users contact Waikato Regional Council before lodging the resource consent application, to ensure that all matters of relevance are covered in the application. When read in conjunction with the relevant policies, the following sections provide an indication of the key decisionmaking criteria that Waikato Regional Council will have regard to in determining consent applications.

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