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6.2.9 Potential Spray Drift Hazard Chart<sup>1</sup>

Factor Potential Drift Hazard Scale Comment
High Low
Wind speed. Zero/very low (<1 m/s) or greater than 6 m/s Steady (1 – 3 m/s) Measurement or estimate using smoke.
Wind direction. Unpredictable. Predictable, and away from sensitive areas. Use smoke to indicate.
Humidity. Low (delta T>8°C) High (delta T<4°C). Measure using whirling psychrometer.
Atmospheric stability. Inversion layer present. Inversion layer not present. Use cold smoke to indicate.
Maximum height of release. >1.5m above the target. <0.5m above the target. Application technique (see Appendix Z of Agrichemical Users’ Code of Practice).
Particle droplet size <50 microns diameter. >250 microns diameter. See Appendix Z of Agrichemical Users’ Code of Practice.
Volatility. High (vapour pressure >10 mPa). Low (vapour pressure <0.1 mPa). Check label.
Sensitive area. Close (<100 m away). More than 1 km distant. Identify on property spray checklist.
Buffer zone. None. Yes (>100 m).  
Shelter belts. No shelter. Live shelter, >3m high and 1m thick. Not for herbicides.
Toxicity. Scheduled agrichemicals. Unscheduled agrichemicals Check label.

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