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6.2.7 Spray Checklist

Advisory Notes:

  • The following is required as a minimum as part of Rules,, and The general format and content of the checklist may need to amended for spraying in public amenity areas or as part of community spray plans. Generally local authority asset management plans or weed management policies would be expected to fulfil the role of spray checklist in those circumstances.
  • This checklist can be either by prepared by the owner, occupier, or manager of the property, or the applicator.
  • The purpose of this checklist is to provide information to potentially affected parties.
  • Provision of this information does not imply a right of any party to object to spraying activities occurring legitimately within the subject property boundary.


Name Address (postal/physical) Phone/Fax Numbers
Property Owner(s)/Occupiers(s)    
Property Manager(s)    
Registered Chemical Applicator(s)    


Neighbours Name1
Address (postal/physical) Phone/Fax Numbers Status Owner/Occupier


Roads Adjacent to Property Boundary Roads Used for School Bus Routes


Identification of Area to be sprayed
(i.e. N/S?E/W2
Size of Area to be sprayed (in square metres) Target to be Sprayed (e.g. apples, gorse)

Agrichemical to be used (trade name) and active ingredient Agrichemical
(1) - (5)
Potential Hazard Year/Season
Agrichemical used

Sensitive Areas
(description and location)3
Measures to be used to avoid contamination of sensitive areas


Factors to be considered before spraying
(e.g. weather conditions4)
Factors that may increase spray hazard potential5

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