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6.2.2 Objective

Agrichemicals used in a manner that avoids the significant adverse effects of offtarget exposure from their discharge and which do not have adverse effects that conflict with the objectives in Section 3.1.2 of this Plan.

Principal Reasons for Adopting the Objective
The objective is to avoid the significant adverse effects from off-target exposure to agrichemicals. By focusing on effects that are significant, this objective recognises that off-target exposure to agrichemicals will not always cause adverse effects. This focus on effects that are significant also recognises that agrichemicals are necessary to support modern conventional agriculture. A stricter standard such as avoiding all off-target exposure to agrichemicals would be impossible to achieve without substantially changing agrichemicals. Such an approach would not promote sustainable management.

The second part of the objective acknowledges that some agrichemicals are designed for use in water. The use of agrichemicals in water, either to control aquatic plant pests or to maintain water flows in drains and flood control areas, is widespread in the Region. The positive environmental effects of agrichemical use in these circumstances mean that their use must not be unduly restricted. The objective therefore provides for their use subject to the objectives for management water quality in Section 3.1.2 of this Plan.

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