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6.2.10 Performance requirements for qualifications to apply agrichemicals

The following are the performance requirements for Condition d) i) of Rule Widespread Application of Agrichemicals

Commercial User
The minimum training programme for applicators of agrichemicals shall include:

Knowing and being able to describe –

  1. The hazard classifications of agrichemicals to be used
  2. The adverse effects that could be caused by the agrichemicals
  3. His/her obligations and liabilities under Acts of Parliament relative to the agrichemicals to be used and their use
  4. Which regulations apply in respect of those agrichemicals and where those regulations can be obtained (including the relevant chapters of the Waikato Regional Plan).
  5. The content of NZS8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals.
  6. The precautions required to prevent injury to a person or damage to the environment (including property).
  7. The procedures to adopt in an emergency involving the agrichemicals to be used.

Knowing and being able to demonstrate

  1. a working knowledge of the operating equipment (including protective equipment and clothing) necessary to manage the agrichemicals being used.

Contractors and Contractor Employees
The minimum training programme for contract use of agrichemicals (animal and plant health products) where agrichemicals are applied for hire and reward (both ground and aerial application) shall include those matters listed for Commercial Users and these additional matters:

  • First aid, health and safety and emergency response
  • Environmental effects, including spray drift minimisation
  • Notification requirements, including signage
  • Product label interpretation
  • Protective equipment selection and use
  • Transport, storage and disposal of agrichemicals
  • Selection, calibration and operation of application equipment for specific operations

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