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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Waikato Regional Plan » Waikato Regional Plan (online version) » 3.5 Discharges* » 3.5.13 Environmental Results Anticipated

3.5.13 Environmental Results Anticipated

  1. A reduction in the number of treated effluent discharges to surface waters and an increase in those utilising land-based treatment systems.
  2. Improved water quality as a result of reduced point source discharges to surface waters.
  3. More recycling of effluent and minimisation of farm nutrient loss.
  4. Avoidance of contamination of ground water by on-site sewage discharges in new areas.
  5. Reduced incidence of ‘public health’ issues associated with on-site sewage disposal.
  6. Uses and values identified by the Water Management Classes protected.
  7. The quality of stormwater discharges improved.
  8. A trend toward land-based disposal of stormwater.

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