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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Waikato Regional Plan » Waikato Regional Plan (online version) » 1.2 Approaches to Resource Management » 1.2.1 Background

1.2.1 Background Purpose of this Plan

The purpose of a regional plan is to:

“…assist a regional council to carry out any of its functions in order to achieve the purpose of the RMA.” (s63(1) of RMA)

The Waikato Regional Plan is an integrated plan, covering the key components of the environment for which the Waikato Regional Council has functions under s30 of the RMA for water, river and lake beds, land and soil, air and geothermal resources.

This chapter provides an overarching policy framework to provide the following:

  1. Direction and certainty regarding the way Waikato Regional Council will exercise its policy and regulatory functions.
  2. Direction and certainty to resource users, tangata whenua and the general public, regarding the appropriate use, development, and protection of natural and physical resources in the Region.
  3. Administrative efficiency regarding the regulatory processes that govern resource use. Scope and Limitations of this Plan

This Plan does not address all resource management issues in the Region and should be viewed as an evolving document which, over time, will be reviewed in response issues arising. It is important to note that the Plan is only one of the mechanisms through which Waikato Regional Council will seek to meet its statutory obligations under the RMA. Some of the other important mechanisms (which may be derived from other legislation) include:

  1. Strategic and annual plans.
  2. Asset management plans.
  3. Monitoring and information gathering plans.
  4. Education initiatives and strategies.
  5. Informal procedures and guidelines.
  6. Iwi liaison initiatives.
  7. Resource consents and monitoring.
  8. Environmental Initiatives Fund.
  9. New Projects Fund.

The Plan focuses on issues where the greatest ‘value’ can be added by addressing regionally relevant issues. Accordingly, the Plan does necessarily address or resolve specific, local issues. Local resource management issues not sufficiently well managed by the more general provisions of the Plan will be addressed through locality or resource specific Plan changes.

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