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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Regional Coastal Plan » Regional Coastal Plan (online version) » APPENDIX V: Additional Matters

APPENDIX V: Additional Matters

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This Appendix provides background information on additional matters relating to the management of the CMA. It is provided as information only. Objectives and policies have not been developed.

The following information is covered in this Appendix:

  1. Advice on consents process.
  2. Existing uses.
  3. Conditions on consents.
  4. Rents and royalties.
  5. Coastal tendering.
  6. Building Act.
  7. Bylaws.
  8. Transfer and/or delegation of functions, powers, duties.
  9. Fisheries Management.
  10. Maritime Transport Act.
  11. Marine Pollution.


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