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Appendix III: Maps

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A key to the maps can be found on the last fold-out page (following Map 25)



These maps provide some background information on the nature of the CMA in the Waikato Region.

General Map 1 Location of Regional Coastal Boundary
General Map 2 Coastal Features
General Map 3 Coastal Landscape Assessment
General Map 4 Rohe Potae
General Map 5 Monitoring Sub-Areas
General Map 6 Overview of ASCV


The following schedules relate to the information shown on the maps:

Schedule 1 Maximum Mooring Numbers within ZMA
Schedule 2 Prohibited Mooring Areas
Schedule 3 ZMA Co-ordinates
Schedule 4 Cross-River CMA Boundaries
Schedule 5 Current Marine Farms 
Schedule 6 Marine Farming Zones


Marine Farming Map 10 Marine farms in Coromandel Harbour area


Marina Map 1 Whitianga Marina Zone
Marina Map 2 Whangamata Marina Zone


The areas of significant conservation value shown on the maps are indicative of the values outlined in Appendix IV of this Plan. An overview of the ASCV is given on General Map 6. The areas shown on the maps indicate to applicants the need to give careful consideration to the significant conservation values within the specified areas, when making applications to use or develop resources in an ASCV. More detailed maps and information on these areas are held at Environment Waikato and Department of Conservation Offices.

NB: Where the line marking the ASCV boundary follows the open coast line or surrounds an island, it is deemed to be at a distance of one kilometre seaward of Mean High Water Springs.


The maps indicate the boundary of the CMA where it crosses rivers and streams (refer to Schedule 4 for a list of specific rivers and streams). These are indicative only. Where there is no boundary defined, the CMA boundary is at Mean High Water Springs across the mouth of the stream. These boundaries have been agreed between Environment Waikato, the Minister of Conservation and the relevant Territorial Authorities. Contact Environment Waikato for further information.


The maps identify zoned mooring areas, prohibited mooring areas and anchorage areas. Schedule 1 sets out the maximum numbers in each mooring zone, Schedule 2 identifies the prohibited mooring areas, and Schedule 3 provides the co-ordinates of the corner points of each of the zoned mooring areas. These support the objectives, policies, methods and rules in the Structures chapter(Chapter 5).

Anchorage areas have been identified for the purpose of preventing the proliferation of moorings in areas commonly used by boat users as anchorages. These areas are indicative only based on usual weather conditions, and the practice of boat users of the area. Reasonable care must be taken, including compliance with the Environment Waikato Navigation Safety Bylaw and all other relevant maritime rules.


The maps identify zones at Tairua related to the development of marinas. These zones were introduced by a decision of the Environment Court (Pacific Paradise Limited and Tairua Marina Limited v Waikato Regional Council) and support the objectives, policies, methods and rules in the Marinas chapter (Chapter 6A).


Digital Terrain Information obtained from the Department of Survey and Land Information. Digital Licence Number TDO93603/92. Crown Copyright Reserved.

Territorial Authority Boundaries obtained from Statistics NZ, Licence Number DMB 043. Crown Copyright DOSLI and Statistics 1991.

Bathymetric Data digitised from charts NZ 43, NZ 534, NZ 532, NZ 533, NZ 4423, NZ 5318, NZ 4421, NZ 531, by permission of the Hydrographer RNZN.

CMA and cross river mouth positions from grid reference coordinates based on NZMS 260 as agreed between the Minister of Conservation, Environment Waikato and the coastal Territorial Authorities.

All other information supplied by the Department of Conservation and aerial photographs.

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