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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Regional Coastal Plan » Regional Coastal Plan (online version) » APPENDIX I: Information Requirements

APPENDIX I: Information Requirements

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When applying for a coastal permit, adequate information must be provided by the applicant so that informed resource management decisions can be made. Environment Waikato recognises however that the type and detail of information required depends on the scale, location and anticipated effects of the proposed activity. It is therefore suggested that applicants discuss with Environment Waikato staff the scope and detail of information required, and where and how it should be attained, prior to making an application. In addition to any requirements set out in the Fourth Schedule of the RMA, the following information may be required.

Further information may be required from the applicant (in accordance with section s92 of the RMA), where Environment Waikato considers it necessary to better understand the nature of an activity, the effect it may have in the environment, or the ways in which adverse effects may be mitigated. Environment Waikato may also commission a report on any matters raised in relation to the application.

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