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6A Marinas

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Part 1, clause 2 (a) of the Second Schedule of the RMA states that a Regional Coastal Plan may, where appropriate, provide for the recognition of opportunities for recreation and other forms of development. Pursuant to the decision of the Environment Court in Pacific Paradise Limited and Tairua Marina Limited v Waikato Regional Council, (RMA 789/97) this chapter relates to the provision of a marina development at an identified locality in Tairua Harbour.

The Court’s decision acknowledges that a series of approvals/consents and provisions under previous statutory regimes provided for the establishment of a marina in Tairua Harbour at the identified location near the Harbour entrance. The marina development provided for by these approvals/consents and provisions has been partially implemented.

The provision for a marina in this location is also consistent with the Waikato Regional Policy Statement which identifies the recreational and tourist activities arising from beach settlements, harbours and the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula as being of national significance. The policy statement identifies the three key areas of this activity as being Whitianga-Cooks Beach, Tairua-Pauanui and Whangamata. The provision of marina activities through the provisions of the Coastal Plan is a response to the implementation methods suggested in the Regional Policy Statement requiring the establishment of performance criteria to guide use and development in the CMA.

Some of the benefits arising from marina development in the identified area of Tairua Harbour include:

  • More compact facilities for mooring vessels than the alternative use of swing moorings
  • Providing safer facilities for moving to and from moored pleasure craft and for loading and unloading of passengers and goods in a safe, efficient and controlled manner.
  • Providing for better control of discharges and accidental spillage arising from the mooring loading and unloading of craft in the CMA
  • Economic and social benefits, including direct and indirect employment opportunities
  • Providing a focus of interest for tourists, visitors and residents
  • Providing an enhanced amenity for the use of the coastal environment in a managed and integrated manner that contains the effects of marina development
  • Recognising the role that a modern marina plays in the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of people and communities, living near and using the coastal environment for recreational purposes.

The further development of marina facilities at Tairua may conflict with uses and values. However the potential adverse effects may be able to be avoided, remedied or mitigated by appropriate construction and design of the marina and through sensitive management and operational practices.

Adverse effects may include:

  • Altering natural coastal processes, particularly sediment transport processes and nutrient cycling processes
  • The deposition of waste material beneath the marina structures
  • The deposition of non-biodegradable material into the CMA
  • Degradation of natural character, landscape and amenity values
  • Disturbance to the foreshore and seabed
  • Adverse effects on ecology and marine habitat
  • Restrictions on public access to the foreshore
  • Adverse effects on navigation safety
  • Impacts on onshore facilities
  • Potential noise levels conflicting with neighbouring land based activities
  • Adverse effects on water quality
  • Adverse effects on areas of significance to tangata whenua

Environmental Results Anticipated


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