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5 Structures

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Under s30 of the RMA, Environment Waikato is responsible for the control of land in the CMA. In addition, s12(1)(b) of the RMA places restrictions on any structures fixed in, on, under, or over any foreshore or seabed in the CMA. Environment Waikato is also responsible for the occupation of space in the CMA and a permit for this may be required under s12(2)(a) of the RMA.

Links between the land and the sea are important, both in terms of structures crossing Mean High Water Springs, and the need for structures located in the CMA to have land-based facilities. Integrated management across Mean High Water Springs is therefore required to ensure natural character and associated natural features are not adversely affected.

Other issues associated with structures include the allocation of space, size, location, and design of structures, navigation and safety issues, and the impacts on coastal processes. The cumulative effects of structures within a given area must also be taken into account.