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17 Other Methods

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The following methods include processes such as advocacy, co-ordination, investigation and education available to Environment Waikato to facilitate the implementation of the objectives and policies of this Plan.

Advocacy is the encouragement, or request for action on the part of Environment Waikato to other agencies or groups of the community. Advocacy is a useful method of implementation when action falls within the jurisdiction of another agency. In most cases, advocacy works best in conjunction with Other Methods to achieve objectives and policies.

One of the key functions of regional councils under s30 of the RMA is the achievement of integrated management of natural and physical resources through the implementation of objectives, policies and methods in this Plan. In some cases, action to be taken falls within the jurisdiction of an agency other than Environment Waikato. Consequently, co-ordination and consultation with that agency is necessary to achieve the resource management objectives.

Education is used as a method in this Plan where it is perceived that changes in individuals’ and communities’ understanding or behaviour can make a significant difference to the management of the coastal environment. Education includes raising community awareness, changing attitudes, increasing skills and knowledge and promoting participation in resource management.

Investigation and the gathering of information is an important method in the achievement of the objectives and policies of this Plan. The lack of information about the Region’s coast will be addressed by this method.

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