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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Regional Coastal Plan » Regional Coastal Plan (online version) » 10 Air Quality and Noise » 10.2 Noise » 10.2.1 Policy - Noise

10.2.1 Policy - Noise

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Ensure that the best practicable option is adopted to minimise the adverse effects of noise emissions on human health, amenity values and fauna.

Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting: Noise that is generated in the CMA or on adjoining land affects both the amenity values of people (on land or water) and wildlife. The threshold of reasonable noise levels in different areas of the coast will depend on the sensitivity of those areas. This policy reflects the fact that there is a community expectation that the air quality characteristics of the CMA should not be adversely affected by the emission of noise. It should be noted that in addition to these controls, s16 of the RMA requires every person carrying out an activity in, on, or under the CMA to adopt the best practicable option to ensure noise emissions are reasonable.

Implementation Methods

Other Methods

17.9.2 Integrated Management of Noise Emissions
17.9.3 Determination of Excessive and Reasonable Noise Levels
17.9.4 Management of Noise
17.10.3 Development of Harbour Plans [This part of the Plan is subject to an appeal to the Environment Court]
17.11.1 Plan Integration

Environmental Results Anticipated

    • Noise levels that do not detract from people’s enjoyment of the CMA.
    • Health of fauna not adversely affected by noise levels.

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