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Energy and Structures (Infrastructure)

Regional Policy Statement objectives

The Regional Policy Statement has the following objectives relating Energy and Structures (Infrastructure)

3.12.2 Objective: Efficient Energy Use

Efficient use of energy within the Waikato region.

3.13.2 Objective: Structures (Infrastructure)

The continued operation of regionally significant infrastructure (including network utilities) maintained or enhanced.

Key points from the review

  • The need for energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important due to concerns about fuel prices, future energy supply, and impacts of energy use on climate change.
  • Important initiatives by Waikato regional Council include establishment of the Waikato Regional Energy Forum and the development of the Regional Energy Strategy, promotion of energy efficiency through the Regional Land Transport Strategy and advocacy for energy efficient development.
  • The objective is probably being achieved, although this would be mainly a result of national and international trends and pressures (such as increasing price of oil).
  • As well as traditional roles of managing flood control infrastructure and land transport, Waikato Regional Council has a new role of ensuring the strategic integration of infrastructure with land use.
  • Through publications such as Sustainable subdivision development – An Environment Waikato perspective,  input into territorial authority consent and plan processes, and involvement in the development of growth planning, Waikato Regional Council has advocated for protection of infrastructure.
  • The objective is largely being achieved, with no clear evidence of resource or land use decisions affecting the continued operation of infrastructure. However land use change is having some impact on efficiency of transport systems in some cases.


The full report is available for download below.

Energy and Structures (Infrastructure)