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Media releases and interviews


30 May Plan change decision expected next year

12 March Healthy Rivers hearing opens with regional council submission


27 September Healthy Rivers Wai Ora hearings panel to hold economic and science information days

20 August Call for further submissions on Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora

5 July Final Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora hearings commissioner appointed

12 June Interactive tool launched by regional council to help farmers

31 May More submissions on Heathy Rivers/Wai Ora

10 April Submissions open on variation to Healthy Rivers plan change

28 March April notification date set for variation to Healthy Rivers plan change

20 March Variation to plan change endorsed by committee

22 February Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora hearings commissioners appointed


14 March More than 1000 submissions on Healthy Rivers Wai Ora plan

7 March Healthy Rivers Wai Ora deadline tomorrow

3 March 1.45pm Healthy Rivers Wai Ora committee sticks with 8 March closing date

3 March 9am Plan change submissions deadline next week



9 December Farmers urge landowners to get on board plan change process

6 December Healthy Rivers Wai Ora open days generate good discussion

5 December  Partial withdrawal of Healthy Rivers Wai Ora notification

18 November Healthy Rivers Wai Ora open days starting soon

8 November  Council welcomes Healthy Rivers on farm report

21 October  Formal notification of proposed plan change for Waikato and Waipa rivers

14 October  Council praises Federated Farmers-led Healthy Rivers Wai Ora research

6 September  Healthy Rivers Wai Ora commitee recommends plan change for rivers

1 September  Important decisions due for Waikato and Waipa rivers plan change proposals

9 July  Rural Delivery, Episode 19

23 March  Major milestone reached on Waikato and Waipa rivers restoration



17 November  More than 1000 involved in rivers workshops and survey

17 November  Major benefits as well as costs in rivers clean up

4 November  Hundreds turn out for rivers protection workshops

21 October  Reporoa workshop on being part of water quality solution

8 October  Be part of water quality solution

24 September Models look at potentially “very large” costs of improving water quality

15 September  Waikato Regional Council agrees to Healthy Rivers Wai Ora notification

15 July  Leading edge rivers' project enters fresh phases

16 June  Public input helps rivers project progress

29 April  Extra Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora drop in session for north Waikato

19 March  Drop in sessions for public’s thoughts on rivers

3 March  Rivers support health of Waikato tourism

2 March  Extension approved in principle for Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora



13 November  Wide range of views considered in Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora process

13 October  National policy informs local solutions

2 September  Rural and urban sectors engaged in rivers process 

21 August  TV Central interview with Cr Alan Livingston



21 July  Rivers group takes multi-faceted approach

24 June  Rivers group starts community field trips

21 May  Views align on rivers health

13 May  Technical experts line up to help water quality

17 April  Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora workshops underway

28 February  Interim chair of Collaborative Stakeholder Group appointed



17 December  Greater community role in rivers protection group

3 October  Community reps sought for plan change group

11 September  Collaboration in action for rivers

31 May  Waikato involved in leading edge water project

28 March  Collaboration over restoring and protecting rivers

28 March  Rivers 'central to Waikato lifestyle'

15 March  Expert ‘alliance’ to help with river health



15 November  Waikato well-advanced on land and water issues

27 September  Farmers and others encouraged to have their say

25 September  'Waikato solutions to Waikato issues'

15 August  New process to look at improving health of rivers

26 July  Historic draft plan change process approved by sub-committee


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