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For rural professionals

Apply to become a CFNA

We are now accepting applications from rural professionals wanting to become Certified Farm Nutrient Advisors. Click here to complete the registration form. You will need a RealMe login and evidence that you are a Certified Nutrient Management Advisor (CNMA).

Read the Terms of Agreement

Applicants are required to confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by the certified Farm Nutrient Advisor - Terms of Agreement.

Download the Terms of Agreement here [PDF, 122 KB].

Approved qualifications/courses

Applicants must demonstrate that they are registered as a Certified Nutrient Management Advisor (CNMA) by the Nutrient Management Advisor Certification Programme.

Updating your contact details

If you are a CFNA and need to update your details, please email

Find a CFNA

You can find the list of Certified Farm Nutrient Advisors here.

Nitrogen Reference Point Development Guidelines

Nitrogen Reference Points (NRP) must be calculated in accordance with the NRP Development Guidelines, developed by Waikato Regional Council. Note that these guidelines are a living document and may change from time to time.

Download the Nitrogen Reference Point Development Guidelines Updated July 2019 [PDF, 3 MB]