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8.2 Soil Conservation Programme

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The above section identifies the level of protection that Council estimates is required to effectively address significant erosion in the catchment.

For the Middle Waipa section of the Waipa management zone, and the Middle and Lower Waikato management zones, a much lower level of work has been included in the programme. In these areas pilot programmes are proposed over the first three years, to confirm appropriate approaches and requirements. This change has resulted from informal consultation with liaison subcommittees and others.

No soil conservation work will be undertaken without the support of the landowners directly involved.

Following extensive technical analysis of where soil conservation is desirable the priority areas have been mapped and specific work costed, documented and submitted to subcommittees for comment. The resulting documentation forms part of the Project Watershed record (Project Watershed - Recommended Soil Protection Works with Catchment Maps, 2001).

Works approval will be subject to a number of criteria. These will include:

  • Severity of erosion risk
  • Priority catchment
  • Extent of on site impact
  • Extent of off site benefit (Regional, catchment)
  • Level of participation from owner.
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