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5.1 Application of Funding Principles

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To assist with the development of its Funding Policy, Council has engaged independent technical experts (see Appendix 3) to advise on the identification of beneficiaries and contributors for activities, along with the extent of benefit and contribution. These experts base their analysis on the principles outlined in sections 4 and 5.0. The work of the technical experts is both current and historic and has been used to develop existing funding policies. The approaches taken by the independent technical experts vary and Council is required to make some adjustments to their information to be able to use it in the development of funding policy.

The work of Meister and Quasi has been applied to the development of flood control and river management funding policies in other zones. Although specifically developed for the Lower Waikato Waipa control scheme, it was considered by staff and the authors that this work would provide an appropriate basis for setting a provisional funding policy. The Funding Policy will be reviewed for each significant new work once they are confirmed.


Section 16 includes tables setting out benefit and contribution for the activities in each management zone. Common adjustments that Council has made to enable the work of the technical experts to be incorporated are:

  • The technical experts have not generally recognised Crown benefit and contribution, due to the complexity of making an assessment and the inability of Council to charge the Crown. This is discussed in detail in section 4.7.
  • Council has made adjustments to benefit/contribution where it considers that the assessment for a specific aspect requires refinement.
  • The assessment of benefit/contribution for soil conservation schemes has been used for Farm Plans and other soil conservation works.
  • The benefit/contribution assessment for Lower Waikato flood protection has been used to assess the benefit/contribution relating to other flood protection works.
  • Council has made the determination of benefit for Catchment Oversight.