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4.3 Local Community Benefit

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People occupying land within, or regularly travelling through the major direct-benefit area of the greater Waikato catchment, receive significant indirect benefits. Works proposed under Project Watershed would provide them with the protection, security and confidence to invest, reside and travel in the area. Over time, these works would help create a relatively safe environment to allow and encourage the development of a wide range of agricultural commercial and recreational activities, including quick and assured access to rural servicing towns in all weather. Such intangible benefits are of real value, and extend well beyond the area on which Project Watershed’s assets are constructed.

The hill country areas of the greater Waikato catchment benefit in small but significant ways from the works and services that owe their existence partially or wholly to the types of works and services being proposed under Project Watershed.

Upper catchment residents and ratepayers benefit from the works and services because of their proximity and relationship to adjoining direct benefit areas; many of which include essential facilities such as schools, clubs and local roads. These indirect benefits relate to communities and their use of the facilities that rely on the economic well being of those adjoining direct scheme benefit areas.