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3.3 Local Government (Rating) Act 2002

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The Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 (LGR) replaces the Rating Powers Act from 1 July 2003. The LGR is intended to simplify the RPA to meet the needs of modern local authorities. The three main purposes of the LGR are:

  • To provide local authorities with flexible powers to set, assess and collect rates.
  • To ensure rates reflect decisions made in a transparent and consultative manner.
  • To provide processes and information to ensure ratepayers can identify and understand their liability for rates.

LGR gives regional authorities and Environment Waikato the same powers and rating mechanisms as territorial local authorities. In particular LGR replaces the range of separate rate and charge powers available under the RPA with a single flexible generic power to levy targeted rates. LGR allows Environment Waikato to use differential rates, targeted rates and uniform annual charges (UACs) to set focused rates.