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2.3.2 Management Directions


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To ensure that these objectives are achieved the following management actions have been or will be required:

  1. Create a funding system for the Waikato/Waipa flood protection systems which
    • repays current scheme debts
    • provides for maintenance of the scheme assets
    • creates appropriate reserves for flood damage repair
    • fits the present legislative rating and funding mechanisms and requirements, and
    • recognises an equitable and fair balance of benefits from the scheme, and from contributions for the need for the scheme.
  2. Provides a rating system for flood protection within the Waikato/Waipa river catchments that recognises the contributors to the need for the expenditure from past and ongoing actions or inactions of landowners and power generators.
  3. Recognise, within the limits of efficiency and effectiveness, the contribution of upslope and upstream land use on the ability of landowners with accelerated erosion sites to manage erosion sites on their land.

Recognise, within the limits of efficiency and effectiveness, the benefits to downstream landowners and communities from reduction in sedimentation derived from accelerated erosion sites within the catchment.

  1. Ensure that the development and management of land drainage systems behind and adjacent to flood banks is compatible with the design and capabilities of the structures and associated gravity outlets or pumps, and vice versa.
  2. Carry out programmes of stream and riverbank erosion control works and other measures to minimise accelerated erosion
  3. Identify and implement projects, with the collaboration of site landowners and communities, which will create stable and streambeds, channels and banks throughout the Project Watershed catchment.
  4. Ensure that the combined effect of reducing accelerated erosion at source and sand dredging assists the intent of the Main Channel Works in maintaining a stable profile of the lower Waikato River.
  5. Take a catchment oversight of activities affecting river and streambank erosion.
  6. Co-ordinate and oversee management of river and streambank and bed works with a view to maximising the benefits of changes to land use practices and in-stream works undertaken.
  7. Manage water quality, soil conservation, flood control and land drainage activities within the Waikato and Waipa river catchments on a whole-of-catchment basis.