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13.2 Consultation

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The Middle Waikato Liaison Subcommittee considered that Environment Waikato has a role in educating and encouraging to ensure the use of soil conservation works, and should provide information and templates on the development of farm plans. It recognised that this role needs to be funded and that the current funding policy process is an appropriate means of achieving this. As an enabling process, the Subcommittee supported the landcare concept and would like to see it used in the implementation of soil conservation works. It has recommended that, initially, soil conservation trial programmes should be established and monitored regularly.

The Subcommittee agreed that existing soil conservation assets must continue to be maintained.

The Subcommittee considered it important to analyse where the public benefit lies and that tools and processes need to be worked through to achieve this. However it maintained that rates should be levied, taking into account on and off-site benefits and there should be no assistance available for soil conservation works where there are only on-site benefits.

Riverbed changes between Karapiro and Ngaruawahia are considered to be a key issue that should be investigated further as part of Project Watershed.

The need for better integration with district councils and with Hamilton City Council was also recognised.

The Subcommittee recognised the need for community participation, and that cultural aspects need to be taken into consideration in relation to Treaty of Waitangi principles.