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12.2 Consultation

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The Upper Waikato Liaison Subcommittee emphasises the need to protect and maintain the existing scheme works. They considered that a goal focused approach should be taken to managing the zone, with a goal of having all stock excluded from all waterways in 10 years.

An integrated approach to catchment management is suggested, particularly in respect to land management, water quality and river management. The need to monitor, collate information, measure results and assess the effectiveness of works was emphasised, and it was suggested that more field staff may be required to achieve this.

The Subcommittee suggested an appropriate landowner contribution of 65 percent for new soil conservation works and maintenance. It considered that new works should be carried out as soon as possible to be effective. However it recommended that Environment Waikato maintain some flexibility in funding arrangements, such as spreading landowner contributions over a number of years. The Subcommittee further considered that indirect costs should not be funded by direct charges on the landowner.

The Subcommittee maintained that there is still a need for a legal agreement between landowners and Environment Waikato similar to Land Improvement Agreements. It also asked that consideration be given to bundled consent processes covering a scheme area, particularly for the harvesting of trees.

The Whakamaru Liaison Subcommittee agreed there was a need to continue maintenance on existing works and that works should be secured under a Land Improvement Agreement or similar document. It suggested that Environment Waikato’s role needs to be clearly identified.

The Subcommittee requested that further work be carried out to assess qualitative benefits. It also considered that there should be further investigation of the possibility of Crown contributions to the costs associated with Project Watershed. (in respect of the Department of Conservation and lakeshore lands). The issue of the Crown’s contribution is addressed in section 4.7 of this document.