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Asset Management Policy and Plans

Waikato Regional Council has an obligation to manage its infrastructure assets effectively. These policies and plans set out our approach.

Asset Management Policy

Read or download the Asset Management Policy [PDF, 715 KB]

Image of pump station

An effective asset management programme:

  • highlights the significant river and flood protection related infrastructural investment built up over many years
  • provides security to substantial community investment including property, urban centres and lifeline networks including energy reticulation and transportation networks
  • supports the ongoing economic productivity of land which in turn protects land values and agricultural investment
  • protects the people of Waikato region.

 This policy applies to the following infrastructure assets

  • river management, drainage and flood protection assets (including related embankment, structure, in-river structure and channel assets)
  • catchment management assets owned by council (soil conservation)

This policy does not apply to the following assets: Land and property (owned or leased), vehicle fleet, information technology related assets, furniture and fittings, and other equipment (telemetry etc). In addition, it does not include those soil conservation assets that are subject to Land Improvement Agreement or similar memorandum/covenant where they under the ownership of other parties.

Regional Asset Management Plan

Read or download the Regional Asset Management Plan [PDF, 11 MB]

The Regional Asset Management Plan includes summaries of:

  • “Levels of Service” required from the flood protection, river management and land drainage assets.
  • Roles and responsibilities of various council and community functions in the management and improvement of our asset base.
  • Management expectations for the operation, maintenance, renewal, condition monitoring of the asset
  • Key planned improvement initiatives to increase the effectiveness of delivery of Level of Service Requirements and efficiency in management of assets.

Lake Taupo asset management plan - cover imageLake Taupō asset management plan

Read or download the Lake Taupō Asset Management Plan [PDF, 1.4 MB]

The focus of this plan is on the flood protection and river management infrastructural assets owned, managed and operated by Waikato Regional Council within the Lake Taupō catchment.

As at 30 June 2014, collectively these assets have:

  • a total replacement value of $7,204,990
  • a current book value of $5,513,520
  • an annual deprectation of $104,384.

This plan provides detailed information to show that the flood protection and river management assets in the Lake Taupō catchment are designed, managed and operated to meet their intended purpose, and at a scale that is appropriate for the services they perform to the community.