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Local body elections

Our region and our council

The council is elected every three years by eligible voters living within areas that the council represent. There are 12 general seats and two Māori seats on the council. Electors that are on the general roll for national election cast a vote for candidates standing in general seats. Electors that are on the Māori roll vote for candidates standing in the Māori seats.

Electoral system

First past the post (FPP)

The Local Electoral Act offers the choice between two electoral systems for local authority elections: first past the post (FPP) and the single transferable vote (STV).

Councils have the option to decide whether to stay with their current electoral system (either FPP or STV), or whether to change to the alternative system for the next triennial election. This decision must be made two years prior to the next election.

Council has decided to hold the 2019 election under the First Past the Post electoral system. This decision was publicly notified in September 2017.

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2019 local authority elections

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Previous elections