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Afforestation Grant Scheme

The Ministry for Primary Industries want 15,000 hectares of new forest planted by 2020, to improve land-use productivity and regional economic development. The new forests will also give environmental benefits, including reducing soil erosion, storing carbon, and improving water quality.

To help reach this goal, the Ministry for Primary Industries is providing grants of $1,300 a hectare to help people plant new forests. In return, the Crown will get the carbon credits. People must commit to maintaining the forest for at least 10 years.

The Afforestation Grant Scheme funding round closes on Wednesday 8 June 2016.

Who can apply

Anyone or any organisation that owns land or has a right to use land for forestry can apply. You can also apply if you're about to buy the land or gain an interest in the land. You must be able to commit between 5 and 300 hectares of land to planting in new forest.

Some notes for applicants

Regional council comment is required for applications, identifying erosion prone land recommended for any forestry. Please contact Waikato Regional Council first as part of your application. Ring Grant Blackie on 0800 800 401.

Please also note that planting of manuka and other native species may also be eligible for funding under this scheme.

If you need any assistance applying for the scheme please contact

An application form, guide for applicants and some FAQs are now available on the MPI website.  Follow this link:

Please see the FAQs for additional information.

Applications are to be sent, ideally via email, to, although postal applications will be accepted.

Please send postal applications to:
Afforestation Grant Scheme
Ministry for Primary Industries
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6140
Attention: Grants Coordinator,
Growth & Innovation Team

Guide for best practice when converting forest to farm

Over the past three years the Waikato Regional Council has worked with a group of farmers, scientists,the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and industry to come up with some best practices for minimising short term effects of forest conversion. This project was funded by Sustainable Farming Fund (MAF) to define solutions for farmers in a practical sense. Three farm workshops were held as part of the project alongside creation of this guideline document.

You can download this document below or contact us for a printed copy.

Forestry to Farming

Rules for forestry

Know the rules - Read Waikato Regional Council's rules and regulations for vegetation clearance and soil disturbance

Permitted activity guides - The permitted activity guides provide a summary overview of a number of our rules for farming activities.

More information 

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