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Farm waste

Photo of container containing agrichemical waste

Environmental hotspots

The document below summarises and provides practical advice about some farming activity "hotspots" that can potentially lead to contamination of soil and water. 

Environmental hotspots: managing our waste (553kb)

Rules and compliance

Know the rules - Read Waikato Regional Council's rules and regulations for farm dumps and offal holes.

Permitted activity guides - The permitted activity guides provide a summary overview of a number of our rules for farming activities.

Agrichemical disposal

Waikato Regional Council does not collect or assist with collection of agrichemical substances and containers, but we can answer any questions or give advice.

To dispose of your agrichemicals, you should contact:

  • Agrecovery - Agrecovery provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide agrichemical container, silage wrap and crop protection net recycling as well as a programme for the collection of unwanted chemicals.
  • your local territorial authority - who may accept the material at the local transfer station or landfill.

Farm and orchard plastic waste

Independent recycling schemes are in place for triple-rinsed agrichemical containers, drums, silage wrap, silage covers, shrink wrap, feed bags, twine, polypropylene bags, net and even irrigation pipes. 

For more information, and to participate, contact one of the two service providers below:

More information

On this website

Disposing of agrichemicals

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