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Agendas and papers for ACRE

We put up information on our website for meetings held over the previous 12 months.  
If you can't find what you're loooking for, please contact us.

 Agendas and papers

March 2019 Download [PDF, 505 KB]
February 2019 Download [PDF, 743 KB]
January 2019 No meeting
December 2018 Download [PDF, 455 KB]
November 2018 Download [PDF, 650 KB]
October 2018 Download [PDF, 509 KB]
September 2018 Download [PDF, 659 KB]
August 2018 Download [PDF, 837 KB]
July 2018 Download [PDF, 672 KB]
June 2018 Download [PDF, 515 KB]
May 2018 Download [PDF, 517 KB]
April 2018 Download [PDF, 260 KB]
March 2018 Download [PDF, 236 KB]
February 2018 Download [PDF, 269 KB]
January 2018 No meeting
December 2017 Download [PDF, 292 KB]
November 2017 Download [PDF, 129 KB]
October 2017 Download [PDF, 75 KB]
September 2017 Download [PDF, 134 KB]
August 2017 Download [PDF, 108 KB]
July 2017 Download [PDF, 262 KB]
June 2017 Download [PDF, 343 KB]


Other information

Evaluating the use of 1080: Predators, poisons and silent forests(external link) - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Position papers

Position papers reflect the views of ACRE as a collective group and not necessarily the views of each indidvidual member.

ACRE's position on the use of 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) in NZ [PDF, 441 KB]

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