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Advisory Committee for the Regional Environment (ACRE)

Photo of people enjoying water and native bush at Coromandel What is the Advisory Committee for the Waikato Regional Environment (ACRE)?

The Advisory Committee for the Waikato Regional Environment (or ACRE) was originally formed in 1989. Its members represent or have associations with many environmental and conservation groups regionally and nationally.

ACRE objectives

Act as an environmental advocate by promoting the protection, preservation, conservation and enhancement of:

  • the life supporting capacity of air, water, soil and ecosystems –especially indigenous vegetation and fauna and their habitats and biological diversity
  • the natural character, features and landscapes
  • those qualities and characteristics that contribute to people’s appreciation of the pleasantness, aesthetic coherence, cultural and recreational attributes; of New Zealand and in particular the Waikato region

Network and promote conservation and good environmental practices in the region

Act as a forum for ideas and concerns on environmental matters

Monitor progress on any environmental matters and recommend on any matters that need extra investigation and research.

Advise Waikato Regional Council on environmental policy.

Alert Waikato Regional Council to environmental matters in need of attention.

Liaise with groups sharing similar aims.

Agendas and papers

Agendas and papers for ACRE can be found here.

Nominating a member / Joining the committee

Nominations for membership are invited annually from people or groups/organisations within the Waikato region.  This is communicated by public notice and by direct notice to specific environmental interest groups or organisations, as determined by ACRE.

Nominees will be required to indicate their support of ACRE’s objectives and to indicate their acceptance of the nomination and of the duties of membership.

Members are appointed from around the region and meetings are held monthly in Hamilton. If you are interested please read the rules and terms of reference for ACRE below, complete the nomination form and forward it to Waikato Regional Council, using the contact details below.

ACRE members

ACRE's current members share an interest in the Waikato region and its environment, and have connections to various environmental advocacy groups within the region.

Kemble Pudney, Hamilton 

Elected in 2017 for a three year term

Gwyneth Verkerk, Hamilton

Elected in 2017 for three year term

Kelvin Mouritsen, Colville

 Elected in 2017 for three year term

Dell Hood, Hamilton

Elected in 2015 for a three year term

Leo Koppens, Hamilton

Re-elected in 2015 for three year term

Martin Wallace, Morrinsville

Re-elected in 2015 for three year term

Katherine Hay, Hamilton

Re-elected in 2015 for three year term

Greg Hill, Hamilton

Elected in 2016 for a three year term

Brian Habberfield, Waihi

Elected in 2016 for a three year term

Andrew Sinclair, Pukekohe

Elected in 2016 for a three year term

Anna Casey-Cox, Hamilton (Chairperson)

Elected in 2018


Contact details

If you have any questions, please send us an online enquiry(external link) or call Christine Mcleod (ACRE secretary) on 0800 800 402.

Last updated 19 Feb 2019

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