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No run off to water from landfill fire at Hampton Downs

Published: 31/03/2019

Waikato Regional Council staff at the scene of the Hampton Downs landfill fire today can confirm there has been no run off from the site into nearby waterways.

While the fire is contained, residents are still urged to follow the advice of Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ), keeping doors and windows closed and staying inside to prevent breathing in smoke.

FENZ is also advising rural residents in the area who collect rainwater from the roof to disconnect the supply and to clean the roof before collecting water again.

The council has been told by landfill staff that the fire is contained to an area which receives general household waste and demolition material. That means the smoke may be toxic due to the range of products burning at the site.

The fire is not in the area which receives restricted asbestos material.

The council will continue to liaise with landfill staff.