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Hearing committee approves consents for new Taupo subdivision

An Environment Waikato hearing committee has approved resource consents related to earthworks, waste water and water supply for a new development on the fringe of Lake Taupo, finding they are unlikely to have adverse environmental effects.

Stroppy magpies given short shrift

Stroppy magpies have been given short shrift in the latest pest control operation involving shooting them with shotguns.

Ngati Turangitukua progressing Tongariro tidy up

Further work on the Tongariro River between Turangi and Lake Taupo is to start at the end of this month in a partnership approach between Environment Waikato and Ngati Turangitukua, manawhenua of the area where the works are to take place.

Water restrictions warning for Waihou

Environment Waikato is considering imposing restrictions on using surface water from the Waihou River catchment, including the Ohinemuri River, to irrigate agricultural land.