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Have fun with farming facts at Fieldays

What is the connection between dentures and animal health? That’s one question being posed by the joint sponsors of this year’s Premier Feature on their stand at the National Fieldays.

EW tackles Taupo wildling pines

Environment Waikato is currently taking action to prevent self-seeded pines from blocking up geothermal springs on the Otumuheke Stream near Taupo’s Owen Delaney Park.

Waikato farmers snap up native plants

Waikato farmers have bought a record number of native trees and shrubs for environmental restoration projects through an annual Environment Waikato offer this year.

Scientists discover whitebait can climb ropes

In what is believed to be a New Zealand first, Environment Waikato scientists may have found a clever way to overcome resource consent barriers for farmers – and possibly help to save some of New Zealand’s threatened native fish species.

Farmers urged to help keep roads clean on Gypsy Day

With the annual Gypsy Day coming up on 1 June, Waikato dairy farmers are being urged to make a special effort to keep stock effluent off roads by standing cows off green pasture before transporting them on trucks.

Hearing committee recommends consent be granted for TCDC wastewater discharge

An Environment Waikato hearing committee has recommended that the Minister of Conservation grant resource consent to Thames-Coromandel District Council so the council can continue discharging treated wastewater into the Waihou River from its existing sewage treatment facility in Thames.

Privet problem in Kihikihi and Te Aroha

Recent surveys in Kihikihi and Te Aroha by Environment Waikato pest plant contractors have confirmed there is still plenty of privet about in these towns.

Waikato Civil Defence arrangements to change

The Waikato Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group has approved the resiting of the Group’s Emergency Operating Centre (GEOC) to Environment Waikato in Hamilton East.