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Council Calls for Local Watershed Reps

Environment Waikato is calling for nominations for five local landowner and community representatives on its new River and Catchment Liaison Subcommittees.

Council Sets Watershed Rate

Environment Waikato has set a rate for Project Watershed, its river management, soil conservation and flood protection policy for the Waikato and Waipa river catchments.

Small Rates Increase for Region

Regional ratepayers will have an increase of 9.59 percent in their general rate after rates were struck by Environment Waikato today.

Emergency Staff Meet on Weather Bomb

More than 75 people are gathering in Hamilton on Friday to examine in detail what happened in last month’s “weather bomb”.

Geothermal Features At Risk from Land Uses

The Waikato’s famous geothermal features are at risk from land use practices such as farming and forestry, last week’s Environment Waikato Environment Committee heard.

Uncertain Forecast for Weekend Rain

Environment Waikato’s Flood Response Team is hoping for a let-up in the rain this weekend as an uncertain forecast keeps them on alert.

Ferret Controls Not Enough

Proposed new controls on owning ferrets don’t go far enough, Environment Waikato’s Biosecurity Committee says.

Eradication Impossible for Lake Weed

Eradicating the lake weed egeria from Lake Taupo is not possible, but efforts will continue to control its spread and raise public awareness, this week’s Environment Waikato Biosecurity Committee heard.

Council to Prosecute Huntly Quarry

Subject to legal advice, Environment Waikato is to prosecute Huntly Quarry Ltd for allegedly discharging non-complying stormwater from its site next to State Highway 1 at Huntly.

More Controls Needed for Alligator Weed

Environment Waikato’s Biosecurity Committee wants infestations of alligator weed in the north Waikato to be hit harder as new sites emerge.

Council funds for Hakanoa Walkway

Environment Waikato is likely to grant $12,000 towards an enhancement project for the Hakanoa Walkway near Huntly.

Grant for Miranda Wetland Project

Environment Waikato’s Environment Committee has recommended granting $40,000 towards the purchase of land near the Miranda Shorebird Centre for a wetland habitat.

Council moves water as river peaks drop

Slightly more water will be moved through the middle of the Waikato River overnight to make the most of a brief break in the bad weather before more rain tomorrow.

Council makes use of weather break

Environment Waikato is making the most of a brief break in the bad weather to assess the flooding throughout the Waikato and Waipa river systems.