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Published: 2013-09-23 00:00:00

Issued at 1200 hours
Waikato Civil Defence is urging Coromandel residents to be on the alert following a strong wind and rain warning for the peninsula.

Winds with gusts of 130 kilometres an hour are expected from tomorrow afternoon before easing around midnight.

Residents are reminded to secure loose items, take care on the roads (particularly in large vehicles), and be aware of the potential for trees and other debris to be blown around the place.

Heavy rain of between 100 millimetres and 120mm is also expected on the peninsula from late tomorrow morning before easing overnight Tuesday.

This may result in some surface flooding, and place further pressure on river systems on the peninsula , which rose following the rainfall over the weekend.

River systems across the wider Waikato region are also under pressure following the weekend rainfall and could be further affected by the forecast rainfall. Rivers are particularly up in the western parts of the region.

Waikato Regional Council has reported that levels in the Waipa River went over initial alarm levels at the weekend but the situation has since stabilised.

In addition to the above heavy rain and strong wind warnings, Waikato Civil Defence has also been alerted to the potential for abnormally high seas due to the combination of low atmospheric pressure, strong easterly winds and a heavy ocean swell. Low lying coastal land exposed to the east is expected to be most at risk and residents are advised take precautionary measures.

Waikato Civil Defence and Waikato Regional Council staff are monitoring the weather and river levels closely and will provide advice as necessary.