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Published: 2016-05-20 00:00:00

2pm update
People around the Waikato region are being urged to keep a close eye on the elements this weekend as an unpredictable weather pattern approaches.

“We could see some wild weather around the region over the weekend,” said Waikato Regional Council regional hazards spokesman Dave Lovatt.

“Large swells are expected off the west coast. It’s possible we’ll see water spouts and tornadoes there.

“Also, there could be isolated pockets of severe wind and high rain volumes in places. So be aware of the potential for heavy winds to cause problems, and for rain to cause rapidly rising rivers, particularly around Taupo and the Coromandel. And that rain could bring slips so be careful on the roads.”

It also possible the region might get a succession of bad weather fronts following each other over the next three days.

“The council’s regional hazards team will keep a close eye on things,” said Mr Lovatt.