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Published: 2002-05-29 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is warning farmers moving stock this weekend to ensure they don’t spill effluent on roads.

Regulatory Committee chairman Jim Howland said more stock being moved between farms during the annual farm change-over period from June 1 could increase the number of effluent spillages.

“Farmers should minimise the amount of effluent spilt on the roads by standing stock on dry feed for four to eight hours before transport, and disposing of effluent collected on stock trucks. The standing time also helps the stock travel better.”

Stock effluent on roads is a major problem in the Region at this time of year, for both health and road safety. Farmers needed to take a responsible attitude to collecting and disposing of effluent to help control the amount of stock effluent on roads, he said.

Transport operators have also been asked to ensure efficient effluent collection and disposal from trucks.

Three free stock truck effluent disposal facilities are available in the Waikato, at Tapapa, Putaruru and Taupo sale-yards.