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Published: 2002-03-05 00:00:00

Two Waikato University students have jointly won Environment Waikato’s $500 water science prize.

Michelle Baker, a fourth year student, and Rochelle Carter, who has completed her degree, have jointly won the award. The Regional Council awards an annual prize to the most outstanding student taking a water science paper at Waikato University. The prize is $500 worth of book vouchers.

Michelle is in the final year of her four-year Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree, majoring in earth science, hydrology and soil science and environmental chemistry. She is spending nine months at Landcare Research, maintaining a project on the effects of land irrigation and secondary treatment of wastewater.

She has won previous academic awards and is president of the Golden Key International Society Waikato chapter. Michelle is considering returning to university to complete a Master’s degree.

Rochelle Carter is living in Australia having completed her Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in earth science and biology. She is also a member of the Golden Key Society chapter and is considering completing a Masters degree.

Environment Waikato Chairman Neil Clarke said he was impressed with the academic achievements of the pair, who would become an asset in the future.