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Published: 2016-11-14 09:00:00

0915hrs - issued by Waikato civil defence

Waikato Civil Defence Group is assessing what response it will need to provide following last night’s earthquake.

Raglan’s water supply has been disrupted, with tankers being brought in to deliver supplies. Residents there are being asked to conserve water in the meantime.

Other than that there are no reports at this stage of major infrastructure problems.

“We will continue to monitor developments closely and respond as required,” said group controller Lee Hazlewood. “We will also assess any requests from our colleagues in the south of the country for help.”

Residents of the eastern Coromandel responded well last night to instructions to evacuate, Mr Hazlewood said.

“We initially told people in coastal areas to evacuate to higher ground if they felt a long and strong quake in their area.

“Later we made the formal decision to evacuate the eastern Coromandel seaboard and sirens were activated. People responded well. We were able to give the all clear at quarter to three and people were able to return to their homes.”

Mr Hazlewood urged people to stay alert to the potential for aftershocks and to follow the advice of authorities closely.

“For the moment, while the tsunami threat for our region has been cancelled, there is still potential for unusual currents around the coast. People should stay away from beaches and estuaries and avoid going on the water.

“During this potentially stressful time I ask people to support each other and help authorities as requested.”

Further advice will be issued as it comes to hand.