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Published: 2006-09-29 00:00:00

Voting for Waikato Regional Council’s Waipa by-election is now open, with voting papers being delivered over the next few days.

Waikato Regional Council, known as Environment Waikato, manages and protects the natural resources that sustain the Waikato economy – our land, water, soil, air, and coastal and geothermal areas. It also manages land transport, biosecurity and civil defence.

Environment Waikato’s 14 regional councillors make decisions on a range of matters including public transport, regional planning, land use, river management and flood control, water quality and pest eradication.

A vacancy occurred in the council’s Waipa constituency following the death of Environment Waikato’s former deputy chairman, Barry O’Connor, in July 2006.

The five candidates standing for the vacant seat are John Fisher, Fiona Judd, Juliet Macdonald, James Parlane and Ashley Reid.

Every person in the Waipa district whose name appeared on the electoral roll before the roll closed on 31 August will automatically receive a voting paper.

If your name is on the Waipa district electoral roll and you have not received a voting paper, or if you would like to vote but your name is not on the electoral roll, you may apply to cast a special vote. This can be done in person at either:

  • Waipa District Council Office, 101 Bank St, Te Awamutu
  • Waipa District Council Cambridge Service Centre, 23 Wilson St, Cambridge.

Similarly, you can apply to cast a special vote if you have recently moved to the district or changed addresses, or if you lose or spoil your voting paper.

Special votes can be cast up until 12 noon on Friday, 20 October.

Voting papers must be returned by post in the envelope provided or hand delivered to the Waipa District Council offices in Te Awamutu or the Cambridge Service Centre before 12 noon on Friday, 20 October when the voting period officially closes.

Votes will be counted progressively through the election, which is being run under the first past the post electoral system.

A preliminary result will be released on 20 October.