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Published: 2011-09-01 00:00:00

Raglan residents will have a week-long opportunity to swap their weeds for native plants this month.

It is part of a weed awareness promotion at Raglan by Waikato Regional Council, Waikato District Council, the Department of Conservation and Weedbusters, along with Extreme Waste.

“Weeds are one of the biggest threats to New Zealand’s native flora and fauna and correct disposal is a vital part of reducing weed spread,” said regional council biosecurity officer Wendy Mead.

“During the week beginning September 19, Raglan residents can bring one free standard trailer load of weeds per Raglan household to Extreme Waste in Te Hutewai Rd and receive two native plants in return.

“People will also have the opportunity to learn about responsible weed disposal, which weeds can be used for the mulching process at Extreme Waste and which weeds might need an alternative treatment to prevent them from regenerating,” said Mrs Mead.

She said that if weeds are not disposed of correctly they can spread further and become a bigger problem.

“Most weeds can be disposed of safely at a recycling centre and used as compost or mulch. Some weeds, however, need further treatment.

“For example, plants such as wild ginger which can re-grow from their hardy root systems, boneseed with its tough seed capsules, oxalis that can grow from bulbs and kikuyu grass that can grow from stems may need different treatment to ensure they are no longer viable,” said Mrs Mead.

At the weed swap there will also be information about disposal options such as “cooking” weeds in black plastic, “brewing” weeds in water, and home composting and full removal of plants which are serious pests.